Cheered by Grumpies’ grouse


IT did my heart good to read that The Old Grumpies (Todmorden News, January 13) are protesting about the OL14 postcode.

There can be no sensible reason for letters to, and from, Todmorden being sent to Oldham for sorting.

Todmorden is in Yorkshire, not Lancashire, and a suitable postcode could be HX8. An address with Todmorden, followed by the postcode, would be sufficient for the sorting of mail since there is only one Todmorden!

A postcode is so very important for the purpose ofcar insurance, so an HX postcode would make drivers better off.

What about a local referendum on this? It could be organised by the Todmorden News.

Although I live on the tops above the Calder Valley, I hope people who come to Todmorden to shop, dance and swim etc will be included in the vote.

Let’s forget about the “Iron Curtain” at Callis, because in reality we all live in the same valley, linked by the road, the railway, the canal and the River Calder. Oldham is remote and irrelevant to us all.

A referendum on the postcode issue would be most enlightening.


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