Cinderhill site’s a blight and should be cleared without delay

THE leading article concerning Cinderhill Mill (Todmorden News, June 9) asks the question “Should the rest of the mill now be demolished”.

The answer to this question is a resounding YES!

The mill is situated right at the side of one of the three main roads leading into the town of Todmorden and is an eyesore that gives a most unfavourable impression of Todmorden in the minds of any visitor to the town.

The demolition work already undertaken was supposed to make the building safer for pedestrians and for traffic. I would suggest that safety improvements are marginal and aesthetically the site is far worse than it was before.

It is many years since Cinderhill Spinning Company ceased trading and the site sold for development. The site needs to be developed as planned or cleared and tidied without delay.

It must not be allowed to continue to blight the approach to the town any longer.

G. Nicholls, Shaw Wood

Avenue, Todmorden.