Clearly, we’re not all in it together...

Robinwood Terrace,


The Coalition Government recently commissioned a report into child poverty.

This report looks at ways to break the link whereby poor children so often become poor adults. It suggests that achieving this requires not just income based support, but that services like Sure Start, schools, nurseries, health care etc all play a pivotal role in enabling children to acquire the life skills necessary to become fully functioning adults who can be free from the shackles of poverty that their parents face.

Ironically, are these not among the very services that the Tory-Lib Dem Government are targeting in their cuts programme, along with maternity grants, Education Maintenance Grants (EMA), and increased university tuition fees - to name but a few?

Meanwhile, it was reported recently that Tory supporters have been prepared to pay £3,000 each for their children to spend a week or two in internships with city hedge funds, as part of a party fundraising scheme. Internships are designed as a possible route into full time employment, allowing these offspring of already wealthy parents the chance to earn multi million pound city bonuses.

Messrs Cameron and Clegg would have us believe “we are all in this together”. Really?

Jayne Booth

Todmorden Ward Labour candidate for Calderdale