Climate change campaigners need to keep an open mind

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I recently attended the open meeting organised by Joe Mobbs concerning his proposal of putting on a climate themed festival in Todmorden (Todmorden News, October 30).

I was disappointed, due to work commitments, to have arrived late and then, after introducing myself, be told that my viewpoint was not welcome at the meeting and within 10 minutes of my arrival, I took my leave.

I am what is commonly called by alarmists as a “denier” (not a term that I would choose) and I was present at the meeting as I would have liked to have the opportunity to put a presentation together at the event which will put an opposing view to any interested attendees whom, I assume, will be largely beievers in the official polemic.

The discussion was seemingly well under way when I arrived but it became clear that most of the participants were still pretty much in the dark concerning the proposed festival and the basics of when, where, what and who was still being discussed.

In the process of the discussion I questioned as to what local groups may be included. I asked if the involved groups would be limited to environmental groups or was any group invited whether they were concerned with, or believe in, climate change or not.

One of the participants of the meeting asked me: “What group would not be affected by climate change?” I replied that: “Personally, I do not beieve that climate change is happening at all.” Most of the room looked aghast at me, it was as though I had committed some kind of heresy, treason or came from some far-off planet. I paused for a moment before adding: “I am sure everybody in this room is sincere but I feel that we have all been misled and that I beleive that global warming and climate change was a fictitious creation of the Club of Rome.”

I pointed out that Joe, in his article, wanted to drag “Climate Change denial into the open” and “here I am as an interested party who wished to be included in their proposed event to give an opposing view.”

A woman standing next to me thought that it was a good idea to include me in the festival as a “denier”.

At this point a gentleman popped out from behind a pillar and in no uncertain terms told me they had matters to discuss concerning the organisation of the proposed festival and made it obvious my comments were not welcome.

I took the hint and told the group I would indeed be leaving should they wish me to but before I left I threw down the gauntlet and told the meeting that if I was not to be included in the festival I would certainly be presenting my view outside the festival entrance, upon which I thought it best to withdraw to plan my next move which would be to take the same route as Joe Mobbs and write to the Todmorden News.

I have been researching global warming (since morphed into being known as climate change) since 2006 when Al Gore launched his book and film “A Convenient Lie”. I am writing a book on the subject which is close to completion and lays out the reasons as to why I believe this whole farrago is a complete and total fraud and hoax formulated in 1992 by the Club of Rome.

In a strategy memo issued in 1992 called “The First Global Revolution”, the Club of Rome stated: “Divided nations require common enemies to unite them, either a real one or else one invented for the purpose. Because of the absence of traditional enemies, new enemies must be identified.

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, ater shortages and famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”

A pretty damning statement I would have thought.

It was Joe Mobbs who had asked me to be open minded but it would appear that it is some of the environmental activists who need to try and get an open mind instead of trying to silence and quash any opinion that does not conform to their pre-conceived ideas. I am far from the only person with the view that global warming is no more than a lucrative hoax and there are many scientists outside IPCC control that strongly disagree with the official polemic.

I still hope to be able to take part in the festival but if not I shall be good to my word and be presenting my information outside it, should it proceed.

Tony Moore