Closing A&E will cost lives

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There are not any accident and emergency units in Burnley, Rochdale or Padiham, each a distance of around ten miles from Todmorden so any emergency ambulances wanting to go that way would be out of the question for two reasons.

In any of those directions it would be at least a 20 mile trip to the nearest A&E from Todmorden. They are in Lancashire, and Todmorden is West Yorkshire.

Halifax A&E unit serves Todmorden. Walsden, Colden, Lydgate, Warland, Hebden Bridge, Wadsworth Moor, Illingworth, Northowram, Rishworth, Ripponden, all on the boundary of West Yorkshire, and Halifax A&E is right in the middle.

Perhaps the Health Secretary has not watched the recent programmes on the television that the whole nation has been watching, highlighting how accident and emergency units across the country cannot cope with the workload due mainly to the vast amount of units that have closed already?

Maybe he also missed the statement the Prime Minister broadcast on national television when he got into power (he would not make any cutbacks in the Health Service). With what is happening in the Health Service now that statement has turned out to be just another lie.

Before the Halifax Royal Infirmary was refurbished we had three hospitals in Calderdale, between them 825 beds. Two closed leaving us with 625 beds.

The refurbishment of this hospital, Mr Health Secretary, cost £75 million to complete.

But it didn’t end there, it was being paid for over 30 years at a cost of £625 million.

It is now time for the MPs to go into Parliament and tell the Prime Minister that enough is enough and closures like this are going to cost lives.

Since opening the Accident and Emergency Unit at this hospital it has become second to none. The staff are polite, professional and deal with you quickly.

People suffering strokes and heart attacks need to get to the hospital fast and going from Todmorden to Halifax could be on the verge of borderline taking into account that it is 14 miles and going to Huddersfield adds another eight miles - that could almost be fatal and losing one life to this idiotic, hare-brained idea just to save more money within the health care industry is too many.

Then we have the problem with bad weather. When it snows in winter it has been known for the route from Halifax to Huddersfield to be impassable and at peak times every day, the Ainleys is a nightmare with traffic build up.

So, all in all we don’t want this Accident and Emergency Unit closing down but leaving open, and some of the units that have closed opening up again.

It will make it extremely difficult for people to travel to Huddersfield who do not have cars and have to rely on buses and take along young babies and children.

Mrs and Mrs R. and J. Young