Comment sums up what’s wrong

COUN Anne James’s comment (“We have always been against Sainsbury’s, so we will support another use for this site”, Todmorden News, June 16) sums up precisely what is wrong with this town.

This site has been derelict for a long number of years. The minute a Blue Chip company is willing to invest, providing a service AND jobs, out of the woodwork come all the “alternative proposals”. Why haven’t they suggested these before?

Because no organisation will provide the funding that’s why.

Certainly government, local or national, has not got spare money to provide it. Who is this developer showing an interest? Where has he/she/it been before now?

Of course Coun Hussain supports the Marina Suggestion - Sainsbury’s are a threat to his business - I sincerely hope he was not allowed to vote on this issue.

Shame on you town councillors for ignoring the wishes/needs/views of a large proportion of Todmorden residents.

Let’s hope Calderdale Councillors take a more open-minded view of the whole situation.

Jean Howorth, Todmorden.