Comments were made to reassure residents - but we aren’t reassured

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I READ with some confusion the Rev Tony Buglass’s comments (Todmorden News, September 29) that were published to reassure the residents who live near the Mount Zion Burial Ground in Cornholme.

The comments that caused me confusion, hopefully due to crossed wires, relate to the stone flags around the church footing and pathways and the remaining stonework of the church which included decorative cut stone. The article states that the “stones have removed to be repaired and then put back again” and an additional comment says “an authorised contractor who is taking them away for work to be done to restore them.”

Having spoken with the authorised contractor, he has confirmed that the stone has been bought to be used towards a new build in North Yorkshire and that the structures that have been removed will be replaced with breeze block...restoration?

In addition I invite anyone who is interested to view the damage done to the surrounding structures by the removal and cutting up of the stone to enable it to be moved.

I truly hope that the comments made in last week’s Todmorden News are correct. I however fear that they are not.

K Sparkes, Stansfield Terrace,