Common sense is long and short of it...

WHILE perusing the latest edition of the Lib Dem “Focus” publication that was pushed through my letterbox this week I noticed that Olwen Jennings and Coun Ruth Goldthorpe had the following to say regarding access to Todmorden Health Centre:

“The new health centre has a very poor access for disabled and elderly people. There is either steep steps or a very long slope. Surely the authorities can do better than this.”

I would like to share my partner’s suggested (and may I say brilliant) solution to this pressing problem, namely the construction of a small funicular railway (with a much shorter wheelchair access ramp than the current “very long slope” that Olwen and Ruth find so awkward).

Not only would this provide much needed engineering and construction jobs for the town but would also bring increased tourism as people would flock from far and wide to see such a novelty health centre access solution.

Ticket concessions would be available for those on a low-income (and free for the unwaged, elderly and disabled).

With increased jobs and tourism this would constitute a two-fold, two-pronged, two-headed victory for much-needed common sense!

Clive Shenton (Mr)