Community contributed to an event to be proud of

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I would like to thank all of the people who organised, participated and spectated the Lamplighter Parade in Todmorden on Saturday, December 6.

The lanterns, stilt walkers and giant Jelly Fish to name a few were all fantastic.

Although the main roads in and out of Todmorden were closed for about 45 minutes we received no complaints and I thank the motorists who were patient and waited whilst the wonderful procession passed through the Town centre.

Events like this illustrate what a great community we have in Todmorden. One I am proud and privileged to be part of. The amount of people who braved the cold weather to support the event was great to see.

Finally, thank you to the kind couple who, on seeing that my fingers were getting a bit blue, gave me a pair of gloves! They were greatly appreciated and will be returned!

Acting Police Sergeant Ryan Stockton

(Todmorden Police Station)