Community hours in this case, but as for others...

Weir Street,


WHILST I applud the letter from Michael Dennett in last week’s Todmorden News and nod my head with a wry smile at Arty Cox’s contribution, I feel the Chaytor case should if anything have reignited the debate regarding crime and punishment in this country.

Chaytor was given 18 months for stealing from the public purse and his fall from grace is now complete.

Whilst many felt that prison was a just punishment, after serious thought I believe that this was not right.

His incarceration will now cost hard-pressed taxpayers thousands of pounds to keep him at her majesty’s pleasure and I for one think this is not money well spent.

In recent years several murders and offences of a serious sexual nature have taken place in the town, with so-called life sentences handed out to the perpetrators, Many of these are now walking the streets again.

For my part, Chaytor should have been given at least a thousand hours’ community service.

As for the others - they should just go hang.