Community space will let in a little more light, and for the better

I JUST wanted to make a comment about the proposed marina site - it seems to me much the best thing to do with it, both to create a community space along that corridor, and importantly to make the most of the opportunity to let a little more light into Todmorden!

Another nearby town/village, Luddenden Foot, had such an opportunity when the mill on the main road was demolished, and missed it.

Now the road continues to dominate the centre of the village and cuts it in two.

The new development is so tall it has the effect of making that road a dark tunnel as you go through, and access to the shops remains from the busy main road.

That’s not helpful for old people and those with pushchairs/wheelchairs and kids.

Somewhere to sit and enjoy the water, a few trees (and incredible edible beds of course!) and maybe an area for small shop units would be so much more enhancing to the town than an overbearing monolithic brick and plastic flat-roofed building.

Plus it would be somewhere to go for relatives etc who’ve given patients a lift to the health centre and are waiting for them

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