Could you lend us fundraising hand?

Handmade Parade are looking for someone who would be willing to become a bit of a Fundraising Fairy Godparent to help us grow in the coming year.

We would love to increase the number of community events we put on, solidify our organisational structure and expand the area we work in to more parts of Hebden Royd and Todmorden.

We know there is a huge amount of expertise in our local community in the areas of arts and community fundraising, and organisational development and we would love to make friends with someone happy to help us grow.

You wouldn’t need to commit to board meetings, we would just love you to meet up with our co-ordinator once a month (if that) for coffee and a cake, and maybe answer a kind of emergency Fundraising Batphone every now and then.

What we are most in need of is someone with strong knowledge of community and arts fundraising streams as well as plenty of experience in bid writing.

If you’re interested in finding out more, and discussing what we could do for you in return (this isn’t a paid position), please contact Hannah on - she’s be delighted to hear from you.