Couldn’t you have been kinder?

To the person who dumped their pet lop-eared rabbit in the Centre Vale Park woods and Doghouse Lane area recently - just in case you were wondering what had become of it, I can tell you.

Recently this area seems to have become a dumping ground for unwanted pets. Concerned residents, who had spotted the rabbit and feared for its survival and were prepared to re-home it, had searched for it unsuccessfully for days.

Its remains were discovered finally. It appeared to have been savaged by a dog or a fox.

Wouldn’t it have been kinder to take a little time and trouble to try and find someone to take it in?

An animal shelter or a charity, an advert in a local shop offering it free to a good home? You could have thrown in the hutch and bowls and had them taken away for free at the same time, or simply ask around.

Surely in this nation of animal lovers, word would soon reach someone who would have adopted it as their pet.

Unfortunately, you chose to dump it, at the worst time of the year. Maybe you didn’t know if it would find food? Maybe you didn’t know if a rabbit which has spent its life in a house or hutch could survive a cold, wet January outdoors?

Maybe you didn’t know if it would be safe and could fend for itself in the wild.

Well, you do now!

Trevor Peach