Council provided bunting and grants

IF Miriam Claxton (letters, June 7) had cehcked with a town councillor or clerk, she would have learned that Todmorden Town Council bought bunting which was made available for recent Jubilee celebrations, a preferable use to tying it to town centre scaffolding.

We honoured “Diamond Liz” by grants to groups, without going over the top at a time of supposed crisis and depression; and we respected republicans who were avoiding support of a continuing hereditary monarchy.

In the Christian tradition, developed from Old Testament Judaism, a Jubilee Celebration necessarily involves fresh action for siocial justice within the community.

This isimperative now, for the Con Dem coalition’s action to curb greedy bankers and fat cat industrialists is pitifully inadequate. Thus a 21-year-old Tottenham woman from that unemployment blackspot has said of the celebrations “This is pointless, they should spend money on the young.”

Whilst I don’t go along with her first statement, I agree wholeheartedly with the second!

Coun Frank McManus, Longfield Road, Todmorden.