Count down days to significant step

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delighted to read that Calderdale’s Labour Council has decided to spend significant amounts of money to provide better facilities at the School.

This at a time when Calderdale, like other councils all over the country, is suffering massive Government cuts to its budget.

For too long, our young people attending Todmorden High School have had to put up with sub standard facilities, and this very welcome redevelopment will be a significant step on the road to putting this right. I wonder whether, as well as the “134 days to go” to the Grand Depart, the Todmorden News might wish also to have a count down to the very important day when the contractors will be on site, and a start will be made on this work?

In the meantime, all credit to our two Labour councillors in Todmorden ward, Jayne Booth and Steve Sweeney, for, without them, we could have been waiting for a long time for this welcome news.

We have seen a pleasing turn around in results at Todmorden High School recently, and all credit to the students and staff for this.

Enhanced facilities will make it more straightforward for them to work, and to continue to achieve.

Peter Ehrhardt