Cuts her party supports in Government impact on council’s ability to deliver

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Your front page (Waste centre delay slammed, December 31) showed Coun Battye at her best.

“Slamming” the delay in re-opening the Eastwood recycling centre, she said “they” should offer “us” alternative arrangements.

Just a minute – isn’t Coun Battye an elected councillor for Calder ward (and a former leader of the council)?

Why should she be allowed to present herself as being on the outside of this process?

If we elect someone to represent us, is there no element of democratic accountability that would require Battye to accept some measure of responsibility.

If Coun Battye was less obsessed with cheap publicity she might reflect for a moment that the removal of millions of pounds from council budgets, courtesy of the coalition of cutters she supports, must inevitably have had some impact on the council’s ability to deliver projects, however apparently straightforward.

She moans that she’s at a loss as to what to do with all the paper she’s been collecting.

Well, do what the rest of us do - stick it out by your front door for SITA to pick up in the regular weekly recycling.

John Rhodes,

Hebden Bridge.