David deserves to be supported


This is the letter which I never thought I would write...regarding a councillor of a political party I do not support nor have ever given my vote.

As an executive member of the non-political Residents’ Association at Eastwood I have had the opportunity to work with Coun David O’Neill on a variety of local issues, ranging from road safety, problems arising from the nearby waste station, ice on our pavements, the replacement of seating near the Rochdale Canal. I could go on.

It could be argued that these matters are minor problems but their resolution improves the quality of our lives in the community.

Coun O’Neill has unstintingly given his time to the community to an extent which is exemplary.

His advice has helped us to find funding to turn our local cricket club into a proper community centre.

Now I find that he has not been adopted as the local candidate for his party and intends to stand as an independent in the local government elections in May.

Can I suggest that when the polls open in May that support is given to this tireless worker for the community.

As an independent it may well be that he would be able to give an even better untramelled service to us all.