Death of 1,000 cuts for libraries

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Bankfield Building,


COUNCILLOR Nash (Todmorden News, February 17) was unnecessarily patronising about the concerns expressed by many in Todmorden on ‘Save the Libraries’ Day on February 5.

The library service may be reasonably secure for the coming year though it is scheduled to lose six members of staff. But what about next year when 20 plus staff are earmarked to go?

Calderdale has to find £26 million of cuts and more in the following years.

She talks of changes that have to be made, and efficiencies. Are these death by a thousand cuts until the service is no longer viable, or convenient for the many groups who rely on it?

What about funding for book purchasing, or to develop new and exciting ideas or to publicise the library in Calderdale? Where will the funds come from to modernise the mobile library provision?

The setting up of a Friends of Todmorden Library group in Todmorden is timely. It gives the many who rightly treasure the library a voice.

It will remind Calderdale, and those who do not see the importance of the library, how vital it is.

Christine Potter