Delighted with decision - three supermarkets is enough, thanks

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HOW pleased I was and no doubt the majority of Tod folk to see that the Sainsbury’s proposal was unanimously rejected by Calderdale Council.

This should now send Sainsbury’s a clear signal, should they appeal, that they are not welcome in Tod. This message could also be extended to any other supermarket chain wishing to build another supermarket in the town.

Three is enough thank you! As for the Halifax Road site potential developers now have to be identified to work in conjunction with Todmorden Pride and get a viable proposal on the table, possibly lottery funding for a part of the re-development?

We could also do with re-developing the Rose Street site by moving the businesses located in what must be the ugliest building in Todmorden, yes the Post Office/One Stop site, into a purpose built development to work in conjunction with the existing Market Hall. Let’s face it this supermarket has been working alongside the market for many years now and has never affected the trade of the Market Hall.

Once again I take my hat off to the councillors who decided to carry out the wishes of the Tod folk and save the town from what would have been the end of any tourist aspirations for the town.

Can Todmorden now get the tag of wanting to be a principal town off the agenda? Who asked us in the first place?

P.Sutcliffe, Broadstone Street, Todmorden.