Derelict sites are blighting progress

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Congratulations to Todmorden Pride for instigating the improvements to the station approach in Todmorden and to Calderdale Council for implementing them.

The new stone sets and granite edging have improved the visual appeal and at least in that part of the centre of Todmorden have removed of the aura of neglect that blights our town.

Have Calderdale Council got any further plans to improve other areas of our town?

Todmorden is justly proud of its Grade 1 listed Town Hall and the Council have recently spent money on repairs to the outside stonework of the building and I believe is about to spend more on the restoration of the statues.

What a pity then, that this jewel in Todmorden’s crown is surrounded by broken and badly repaired flags which are not only an eyesore but are also potentially hazardous to the general public.

However these broken flags pale into insignificance compared to the horrendous derelict sites all around Todmorden, I refer of course to the Abraham Ormerod Centre and the Olympia cinema on Burnley Road, the Halifax Road site and Cinderhill Mill at Castle Hill.

I have given up expecting these sites to be developed but I believe that the council has powers to make the owners of these sites clean up the sites, fence them and grass them over.

That surely is the least we residents could expect. Have the council got any plans to do this or do we residents have to suffer yet another year of blight to our town?

F. Jones