Desire to do your bit is key factor

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We are now into ‘silly season’, where the newspaper starts to get inundated with letters from those seeking election or re-election onto the Town Council in May. No, this isn’t an election broadcast on behalf of myself. I have no plans to stand for re election.

I would encourage anyone who has our town’s best interests at heart to seriously consider standing for council.

New hearts and minds are needed with drive and common sense. My belief is that there is no room for politics on a town council, and it is a desire to do your bit for Todmorden and it’s population that makes a good town councillor.

Being a Town Councillor is a voluntary role and can be a thankless task, but equally it can be rewarding and good to know you are playing a part in the growth of our town.

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me.

Coun Michael Gill

Mayor of Todmorden