Did Mr Hunt learn anything?

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In the 15th century, Prince Vlad Dracula (yes that one!) of Wallachia was concerned that all his subjects work and contribute to the common welfare. He noticed that the poor and the infirm had become very numerous.

So, he invited them all to come to Tirgoviste for a great feast, claiming that none should go hungry in his land.

As the poor, halt, and lame arrived in the city they were ushered into a great hall where a fabulous feast was prepared for them. The guests ate and drank late into the night, whereupon, Vlad ordered the hall boarded up and set on fire. None escaped the flames.

Vlad explained his action by claiming that he did this so that “they represent no further burden to other men, and that no one will be poor in my realm”.

Back in July last year, Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt visited Calderdale Royal and Tweeted: “Off to the Royal Calderdale (sic) in Halifax today to help out on A&E shift and learn from the frontline”.

As we read the closure of the A&E unit is the “preferred” option, I am left wondering exactly what it was that Mr Hunt learnt on that visit, and whether he’s learnt more from one of Romania’s most infamous sons instead?

Coun Nader Fekri

(Labour & Co-op, Calder Ward)