Disgrace of ‘dogs’ toilet’


I RECENTLY started walking from the centre of Todmorden towards Hebden Bridge on the canal bank, and had only reached the Lidl car park when I came across the biggest dogs’ toilet I have ever seen.

The canal bank has been used for what looks like a toilet for all the dogs in the town, there are piles of the stuff every few inches for about 200 yards, and then it starts to thin out.

It appears that a lot of the dog owners in Todmorden have no thought for people who like to walk on the tow paths or for the appearance of the town.

I got so fed up with these revolting sights I turned round and started to walk towards Rochdale, where not long after I had gone under the road bridge in the centre of town I was again met with the same problem.

At this point I turned round got back into my car and went home.