Dogs need some places to be free

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I HAVE read your article about the proposed new laws for dog walkers.

I am a dog owner myself and I do agree of keeping dogs away from play areas where children play and from sports pitches.

I am a responsible dog owner and carry dog bags with me everywhere I go, whether I have the dogs with me or not. I tend to buy bags off the man from the market and get 200 bags for £1 which is good, so I buy two or three boxes at at time, and when down to my last bag I make it my mission to buy more.

I then fill pockets of all my jackets with bags so I have them when ever I go out so I can pick up after the dogs. What I do disagree with is not letting the dogs off the lead on the canal or places like Hardcastle Craggs, where the dogs can run free and get plenty of exercise.

I keep my dogs under control and close to me at all times so I can get a hold of them if children or cyclists come along, but some cyclists on the canal can be a bit rude, like this morning when one shouted at me to get my dog under control, even though she was on the lead and he came up behind us, no bell and didn’t even say anything. He made the dog jump so she barked, and I got a mouthful off him.

J Porter, Todmorden.