Don’t alienate us by opposing Sainsbury’s

REGARDING the Sainsbury’s supermarket proposoal, I have always been a supporter and customer of Todmorden small business and market and hope they remain in the community for many years to come.

However, in my opinion I feel another supermarket would be beneficial to the town as it will attract visitors from neighbouring towns who will come here to shop and while here visit other estanlishments - cafes, shops, the market etc.

I know a large proportion of Todmorden people, having lived in the valley most of my life and being involved with local organisations. Ninety per cent of those I have spoken with on the subject are, like me, in favour of the proposal.

I also know quite a lot of Hebden Bridge residents who come to the supermarkets already here and visit the market, cafes and so on. What I don’t know is anyone who thinks ‘I need some shopping, I’ll go to the market’.

Most market purchases are done either on impulse buying or by regular customers who, after buying their groceries at the supermarket go on to the market to buy their meat or favourite pies, and while doing it see a jumper they like and buy it.

So the more people who come and make these impulse purchases, the more regular customers they are likely to acquire.

But they won’t get impulse buys from people shopping in Rochdale and unless they are going to trade online they need to not only attract outsiders but keep locals within the town.

I would caution certain local councillors, and traders who think competition will affect their business, that if they alienate the population by allowing the town to degenerate for the sake of their own personal agendas that they risk losing their custom, or votes, anyway.

Traders need to open when people want to shop and not when they can be bothered to open - you don’t get to the supermarket to find it’s closed due to a fall of snow; or is it because these “local jobs that will be lost” can’t get here to open as they don’t actually live here?

Surely its better for Todmorden people to do their shopping at Todmorden Sainsbury’s rather than Halifax or Burnley’s.

The town’s beginning to look like Beirut which, by the way, has a few markets but would you go there to shop?

Darrell Sunderland,

Summerfield Road, Todmorden