Don’t blame Labour, blame bankers

MY friend and political adversary Michael Taylor misjudges me in urging me to “persuade Labour to face up to the very real problems of our economy...”

I have before me a letter from Katy Diggory, of the Opposition leader’s office, dated last February 27, which thanks me for outlining my suggestions regarding the current economic situation and Labour’s economic policies,

Whilst I musn’t overplay my hand, I think Michael will be pleased to hear that I’m now writing again regarding the £20bn renewal project for the suicidally-lethal Trident nuclear weapons submarines which Mr Cameron supports but has deferred ro 2015.

I shall urge that a Labour Government defer it further pending the outcome of a full national consultation in 2016.

Michael errs in implying that the Labour Government left the UK in a parlous state. The crisis was caused not by Gordon Brown but by reckless greedy bankers, and our continental neighbours, affected similarly to us, avoid such wild words and coped by milder measures than Cameron and his Lib Dem co-delinquent Clegg, whose excessive methods, claimed as urgent, have proved slower than Labour’s “Plan B”, if effective at all. Similar ones failed in the 1930s.

On libraries - Michael says a new library has opened in Hebden Bridge. Where, please? The only one I use there is where it was 25 years ago! And job reductions in Calderdale are lower than in Leeds, for Leeds is a big city. The job losses are tragic, for they add to the appalling level of youth unemployment that our young folk are too disempowered to sustain.

Coun Frank McManus (Labour, Stoodley ward)