East side enabled, but there’s a west side story too

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It was good to see your announcement in last week’s issue that repairs to the Holme Tunnel are ahead of schedule.

As soon as it opens Northern Rail will want to restore their York-Blackpool service, though as things stand it will continue to by-pass Todmorden.

However, once the newly constructed curve is ready for use I believe that the aforementioned problem would change dramatically if points are appropriately fitted into the track on the west side of the station. Points have been positioned on the east side to enable trains from Burnley to cross over onto the Manchester line.

I mooted this idea to Network Rail contractors at the railway station last Saturday. Their response was positive, saying the job could be done and dusted over one weekend, or two at the most, once instructed to do so.

The Blackpool train would then be able to stop here, with local folk able to go there for fresh air and fun, as was the case half a century ago!

I urge local councillors to pursue this matter with some urgency, for obvious reasons.

Bill Birch