Enough of shake, rattle and roll...

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When we moved to this area of Tod. the Burnley Curve wasn’t an issue.

We therefore expected, and looked forward to, many years of quiet and peace watching the trains, occasionally, a beautiful steam train, go by.

For the last 18 months, certainly seems longer, the many residents nearby have gallantly put up with, day and night, the noise and smells of heavy machinery, the heavy tank-like engine that trundles and rattles down the lines, giving off nasty diesel smells which stay in the atmosphere on wet/damp/foggy nights, the strong arc lights which seem never to go out, drivers “hooting” in the early hours of the morning.

All this plus the loss of lots of lovely trees and bushes.

We haven’t complained, we presumed it would soon be over and peace would reign again. Now there appears to be a campaign for Tod line to have electrification.

We know we can’t stop progress but - oh, please! - can it not wait a few years till we have caught up on our sleep?

Insomniac, name and address supplied