EU help to get over final hurdle

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We both regularly visit lots of small and medium sized businesses around the region.

On these visits many business owners raise with us that one of the biggest hurdles they have to overcome is access to finance.

To tackle this problem we are pleased to support the introduction of a new EU scheme called COSME.

With a planned budget of €2.3billion this scheme is designed to specifically support small and medium sized companies through better access to finance for such businesses – through means such as a loan guarantee facility, helping with access to market, supporting entrepreneurs and creating more favourable conditions for business creation and growth.

It is important that businesses in this region do not miss out on accessing the benefits available from this scheme.

As Liberal Democrats we want to see the economy here grow in the Yorkshire & Humber region and as MEPs we are pleased to see the European Parliament playing a role in making that happen. We would urge businesses to get in contact with us if they would like more information about the COSME programme. You can reach us by calling: 01482 850155.

Edward McMillan-Scott and Rebecca Taylor

Liberal Democrat MEPs

for Yorkshire and the Humber