Event showed that when people care community spirit is intact

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I WANTED to write a letter of thanks to the Cornholme Community Project for putting together a fantastic inaugural “Twilight Event” at Portsmouth Rec recently and which was reported in the Todmorden News (October 27).

The festivities were put together by Canopy, a Cornholme based enterprise. The pumpkins lanterns, which looked amazing once the skies darkened and they lit up the park, were beautifully carved by children from Cornholme School and the grand fire finale, by Flameoz, another Cornholme based company, was absolutely incredible.

I attended the event, along with my three-year-old daughter, and was amazed by the numbers of people who turned out, despite the cold weather, to sing, play musical instruments, have their faces painted and be photographed in the Ghouls Gallery (photos are now on display in Cornholme Post Office and look great!)

Many children, and some brave adults, arrived in Hallowe’en costume and really entered into the spirit of things. People donated wonderful home-made sweet treats and despite the “soup incident” – which my daughter has not stopped talking about – there was a wonderful sense of sharing and of coming together as a community.

As a town council representative for Cornholme ward, I felt incredibly proud to be a part of such a warm and inclusive event.

It showed to me that in a time when there is so much talk of a lack of community and of a ‘broken society’, that you can find pockets of people passionate about their local environment and about doing something constructive for the people who live there, if you only look in the right places.

Coun Penny Langham (Lab, Cornholme ward)