Extra choice won’t have adverse effect and will bring trade to town

AS a consumer I have to say I am all for ‘choice’ - and a Sainsbury’s will allow me greater choice than I currently have.

I like to choose to shop at a variety of locations - the outdoor market, the indoor market, the internet, Morrisons, Lidl, and Tesco Burnley.

I like fresh veg from the local market when I can get it, however the market opening hours don’t always fit my work commitments, so I also purchase fresh produce from both Lidl and Morrisons - both are good too.

Sometimes I want a ‘one stop shopping experience’ especially if time is limited. I do enjoy a local free range egg, and the novelty of chives on the station and rocket by the road side still rocks my boat, but sometimes I need other things too.

I do not believe that an additional store in Todmorden will have an adverse effect on the market or local traders - indeed I personally believe it will have quite the opposite affect. I live in Todmorden and work in Rossendale and the surrounding areas, and when I tell people that I live in Todmorden the usual response is one of an affection for quirkiness of the town, a liking for a ‘look ‘round Tod Market’ or a cycle ride along the canal.

I really do believe it is naive to protest that a supermarklet will kill off local trade, and who knows, some of the local traders might extend their opening hours in an attempt step up to the plate to meet consumer demand as the larger retailers do already.

Andrea Swift, Todmorden.