Fare changes make no sense

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I find it incredible that the Yellow school buses are now not allowed to accept a First Bus weekly child bus ticket.

The ticket allows children to access the stage buses all week with unlimited travel for £7. This is now no longer going to be accepted on the Yellow school buses.

To use this child-safe travel system, Todmorden High children are now being asked to pay £1 each way, a total of £10 per week to travel safely to school.

On top of the £10 school bus travel, a separate £7 ticket will need to be purchased to travel at other times.

I find this crazy. We are trying to promote safety within our schools and travel industry yet here we are making it a financial burden to parents to send their children to school safely.

I understand that the local stage carriage buses run by First are clean and reliable but unlike the safe environment that is guaranteed on a Yellow school bus we are putting them in an environment that is open

to all members of society including those we might wish to not expose our children to at school times.

The Yellow buses are driven and serviced by First bus group yet Metro require a separate charge.

Why is this? I don’t understand?

Ben from Tod (full name and contact address supplied)