Food should not just be thrown

I was in Lidl, Todmorden, on an evening about before closing time.

There is a bakery in Lidl which has recently been setup and they are making items such as loaves of bread and pastries. I asked what happens to the food after closing time, as they do not reduce the food for other customers to purchase at the end of the day.

A staff member told me nothing happens with the food and it is thrown away.

This is a waste of food and could be used in charitable organisations and soup kitchens. Surely if other larger supermarkets are making a conscious effort to donate there unsold food to charitable organisations and other places of benefit, then Lidl can too.

I feel physically sick of huge corporations turning a blind eye to giving back into the community. A caring business has a better portfolio to consumers in the public eye.

Christian Middleton, Halifax Road, Todmorden.

Editor’s note: We asked Lidl about the issue and regional director Mr Chris Walker said: “We do have a number of schemes that we are trialling in bigger citgies, for example Manchster and Leeds where charities for the homeless come in every day and take whatever they want.

“If there is a charity that wants to get in touch with us we would be looking to set it up in any store.”