For two, we were not re-surveyed

I QUESTION the reliability of the assertions made by Sainsbury’s based upon the surveys to which they refer in your news item (August 4).

Both my wife and I took part in the original survey but have not been approached by Sainsbury’s to take part in the follow-up survey. Consequently the same people have not been asked for their views on the amended plans as they state. How many more of the original people surveyed have not been approached?

Only by publishing how many were approached in both surveys and how many responded in each case, is it possible to assess the results with any degree of fairness.

They state that 79 per cent of “the respondents” gave their their backing. Not all of those approached will have “responded”.

If only 50 per cent responded, then the percentage of those approving the amended plans will of judging the validity of the surveys.

I wonder what percentage of all of those who had taken part in the original survey would have given their backing had they been given the opportunity to take part in the follow-up one? A clear example of “spinning” springs to mind.

The additional traffic attracted to the town if the store is opened will cause congestion problems.

I trust Sainsbury’s will allow free parking on their site without the fear of parking penalties to allow shoppers to spend their £5 or £10 in the town centre shops presumably having just spent a hundred or more pounds in Sainsbury’s.

Ken and Pauline Hill,