Free for an hour in Hebden - but 60p in Tod

‘Even a car parked in the police bay…” (Todmorden News, January 26)

Interesting… Todmorden has the worst parking allowances of Calderdale. Offhand I can think of six free for an hour parking bays in town centre. Go to Hebden Bridge or Halifax town centre, and if you’re patient, free for an hour parking can be had all over, and even 30p an hour bays – but in Tod? 60p, even if all you want to do is pop into the post office for a stamp.

Well done council Halifax, you’re so busy creaming any profit off drivers that you’re actually killing off one of the few market towns left alive in England – I notice you bend over happily enough for any suggestions Sainsbury might have, here’s a free idea to generate footfall for Todmorden town centre, give the first hour free or lower the parking tariff to 30p.

There used to be ample parking opposite the police station until the council sold that land off to private builders, and now there’s barely any space for residents to park, let alone the poor parents who drive 200 yards to pick their sprogs up from the local school.

So please stop blaming car owners for the council’s greed.

Tony F Paulazzo