Get act together - to get tip open soon

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Following the floods down in Dawlish in February in which the railway line was completely destroyed, the country was amazed at the feat of emergency engineering that enabled services to be completely restored in just 58 days.

Perhaps the people involved in this marvellous achievement could advise SITA UK on the work required to get the recycling centre back up and running.

Whilst I accept that work on a major railway route is more important than on our tip but maybe Councillor Collins could ask SITA UK to explain to the people of Todmorden why it is going to take over three months to replace some fencing, move a few skips about and put some steps and gangways between them again.

I’m sure there are plenty of firms in this area that could supply the ‘required equipment and materials.’

The town was deprived of the tip for long enough whilst improvements were being made last year, and to face another three months (assuming work is completed by November 1) is ridiculous.

Come on SITA get your act together and get Eastwood open again, and soon.

Michael Pritchard

Harehill Avenue, Todmorden