Gimme shelter: ‘T’ line rhymes

I FELT this coming on the T6 bus recently.

Here I stand, queue for T8,

Has it broke or is it late?

Could be it’s the number 6,

With problems that they could not fix.

In winter snow or April showers,

I hang around this stop for hours,

In autumn or in summer sun,

There am I and it’s no fun.

If I go to heaven when I die,

I’m certain I will hear a cry,

From Peter on the gate that’s pearly,

You weren’t on T8, you’re much too early!

Stay a while then by and by,

You’ll see a scrapyard in the sky,

‘Tho if it has a little bus,

With T8 on it, start a fuss.

If it has no wheels or bell,

You’re not in heaven, no, you’re destination hell!

Glenys Halliday, Top o’th’ Hill Road, Walsden.