Give full consideration to impact

Dear Mr Haley (Todmorden News, July 7), I have been made aware of the proposed timetable from May 2014 that affects the village of Walsden badly.

I am a disabled train user (and non car driver) who frequently travels to Halifax, as the “capital” of Calderdale where our local authority services, local hospital, college and many people’s jobs are situated.

From looking at the timetables proposed, it will no longer be possible, in daytime hours, to get a train directly from Walsden to Halifax, some 14 miles (but oddly after around 8pm it will?)!

Instead, I am to alight the train at Hebden Bridge or Todmorden, even though it is going through Walsden, and wait around for a connecting train approximately 12 minutes later to complete the journey.

We can however get the train directly to Brighouse every hour.

I would be interested to know what public services there are in Brighouse we may wish to access or the customer demand that makes this a more important journey than the one to Halifax. I find this against odds with supporting rural areas, equal access to services and the push to encourage the use of public transport.

I also find the lack of publicity making YOUR customers aware of this ‘consultation’ poor as we are not considered stakeholders yet we fund your business do we not? I would be grateful if, before any decisions are made, full consideration is given to the impact this will have on an albeit small community, a community non the less.

Cathy Taylor,