Give Mytholmroyd its own council

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I agree with Eric Alston that it is about time that Mytholmroyd, Hawksclough, Cragg Vale and Brearley had its own town/parish council.

Mytholmroyd and district has the same size population, pays half the rates and has a completely separate identity to Hebden Bridge with different needs and requirements.

These needs are not being met by the present council who seem to be hell bent on a course to bankruptcy with trophy projects and a spend, spend attitude (I hadn’t noticed any problem in previous councils with “years of cuts and stand still budgets imposed by the Lib Dems.” I thought they were being careful and responsible with public money. Locally, I vote not for a party but for the person I think will benefit the district best.)

I would have thought in the present economic climate with people struggling with the rising cost of living that the council might have appreciated this - but no.

Also during the past, this district has celebrated all the major events in our nations history so I find the council’s attitude to the Jubilee and Olympics, ignorant and churlish.

Instead of being an appendage of Hebden Bridge, let Mytholmroyd and district forge a stronger identity with more of our needs being met.

Roll on Mytholmroyd and District Council!

Pam Jordan

Rose Grove,