Go and canvass - then councillors will know what the people want

REGULAR Todmorden News readers will know what my views are on Todmorden - that it needs investment that will provide jobs and improvments from the private sector, as Calderdale Council have no interest in the town other than wanting to collect the rates to pay for improvements to Halifax and Hebden Bridge.

This has been aided by Todmorden council who now say they want to know what the local people think by issuing a questionnaire.

Most of them don’t care what you think, they’re just trying to get re-elected next time round by making you think they care.

What we need is for people to vote not politically but to get away from the thinking “I always vote Conservative”, “my family have always been Labour” or “I vote Lib Dem because I don’t like the other two.”

What the town needs are councillors who will make decisions for the good of the town and not for vested interest.

As for wanting to know people’s views, they should go round canvassing like they used to do, then they wouldn’t have the excuse of saying they don’t know what the residents want.

A questionnaire wouldn’t be neccessary.

So, whatever your views on what should be done, find out which candidates represent your views and vote for them.

And when voting for the Calderdale representatives vote for someone who actually resides here.

Darrell Sunderland,

Summerfield Road,