Hall is now residential and we need security

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I feel that I have no choice but to respond to Coun McManus’ letter in your October 3 edition.

He has misled the people of Todmorden. The council has no power to enforce a right of way which is not on the definitive map. Therefore there is no right of way across our garden.

Todmorden Old Hall is now two residential properties and for reasons of privacy and security we have asked people not to walk across our garden.

When we moved in at the end of July, we spoke to people as they walked through. The vast majority of people were lovely and fully understood our position. This served to reinforce our view that Todmorden was the right choice for us as incomers into the town.

We put up notices in mid September, and decided to lock the gates as a few people chose to ignore the signs.

Being in a town centre position, it is inevitable that we have experienced misuse of our open garden, namely urinating on the driveway, cannabis smoking, theft of plants, minor vandalism and a very scary altercation between two men.

I was saddened that Coun McManus chose to go to the press without attempting any dialogue with ourselves.

We feel privileged in having the opportunity of living in such a lovely old building and town. We look forward to taking a place in our new community and have confidence that the vast majority of people will be sympathetic that the hall has been returned to family homes.

As a matter of courtesy, I have tried to contact Coun McManus to discuss this matter, but he had no answer machine facilities, mobile number or public email address.

Mrs A. Friday,

Todmorden Hall South.