Happy to home from harvest with warm glow, and sticky date cake!

A FEW weeks ago I wrote about the Unitarian Church bells giving me a fright by playing a tune at 3am.

However, I must say that all is forgiven, as Incredible Edible put on such a wonderful Autumn Festival at the church.

I almost didn’t get there as the steps at the side entrance were slippy but thanks to the timely arrival of my kind neighbour and A. N. Other, who hauled me up the steps, I made it (sorry I can’t pay for your physio).

The sunshine had brought people out in their droves to sample all the cooked food, soup, bicycle- powered smoothies, coffee, tea, yummy cakes, and not least, the honey ice-cream.

The produce displays by local schools were amazing, demonstrating what a wide range of vegetables and fruit can be grown here.

Also the Bee Credible display was fascinating, especially the strangely shaped honeycomb which I am led to believe was created when the bees “went mad.” The atmosphere was fantastic, aided wonderfully by the two people playing electric fiddles - what a joy it was to see a little girl of no more than two dancing away in time to the music. And the lavender nosegay that I came home with is filling the house with its beautiful smell.

My 91-year old dad came over from Manchester for the event and was very happy to go home with a delicious sticky date cake, and a warm glow. Todmorden is a truly wonderful place to live and I would like to say a big “thank you” to everyone who was involved in organising and serving so many people.

Willow Merrymoon,

Well Street, Todmorden.