Happy to take your ideas forward

I ATTENDED the recent Ward forum in Walsden on June 21. There was an interesting and debate provoking agenda, including Policing issues and the change to GP consortiums.

I was surprised to see that councillors and other staff outnumbered attendees. One gentleman did point out that the invite which included days and date etc was in fact misleading, which undoubtedly doesn’t help. However it does seem a trend that Ward forums are poorly attended. This does present a problem at a time when a comprehensive Town Plan is being written that is attempting to capture the views of Todmorden residents.

I recognise transport issues, time restraints and caring responsibilities may impact upon people attending along with people not feeling able to put their points over in a group setting. Therefore as a local councillor I am happy for people to send me their concerns, comments and/or ideas for our Town Plan. I am also happy to visit groups and take forward issues you may have.

If any one has any ideas about how we can improve the Ward Forums I will also be happy to make any reasonable suggestions you can contact me either by calling 07506112785 or e-mail j.booth@todmordencouncil.org.uk or councillor.jbooth@calderdale.gov.uk

Coun Jayne Booth, Labour, Stansfield ward and

Todmorden ward