Hedgehog care tips

REGARDING your article on hedgehogs in Ear To The Ground (December 8): You say “bread and milk is said to be harmful to them”.

This is indeed said – by every relevant UK wildlife organisation. You can find information on caring for sick or injured hedgehogs on the St Tiggywinkles website.

Personally I have found that for very short term care, a night or two, the bath or shower cubicle is a good place to keep them.

Line well with newspaper as they are very messy animals, provide a shallow dish of water (to prevent accidental drowning), tinned dog or cat food (not dry pet foods), and a small box on its side for the hedgehog to curl up in out of sight.

If you see a hedgehog out and about in daylight at any time of year you should get it checked out, as this is always a sign something is wrong with it.

I have rescued several hedgehogs in my time, but in five years in Todmorden I have only seen one. I am unsure if this is to do with the locality or due to the national crisis in depletion of hedgehog numbers. So every hedgehog rescued counts!

Ruth Lavender, Walsden.