Hitting the real blue badge users

In response to this week’s ‘Grumps’ , this grumpy old woman would like to express a few words of frustration and anger to the people who park regularly outside the town centre newsagent’s without a blue disabled parking badge.

I have had to drive away on numerous occasions when there hasn’t been anywhere to park because somebody has parked without a blue badge.

I can only think of three reasons why you might do this: you have forgotten to put your badge up; you can’t actually see the sign that says you shouldn’t be parking there (and if your sight is that bad, you shouldn’t be driving); or you are ignorant and couldn’t care.

Somehow I suspect that number three applies to the majority of you illegal parkers.

So next time you are going to break the law, THINK

You are probably stopping someone like me, who has a blue badge for a good reason, from parking near enough to the shops to be able to carry out our business.

Willow Merrymoon

Well Street