Home rule for our market?

I love our market!

Todmorden should wrestle control of the market.

It should be transferred to Todmorden - stall owners and residents-owned and run: a co-op rewarding loyalty, maintaining the building and charging fair stalls rental (inside and outside).

Why do I believe this is right? Calderdale are too busy to care enough: stall holders’ rentals are too high and yet Todmorden Market buildings are poorly maintained.

The residents of Todmorden and stall holders do care and have the energy to make the market work.

This will bring the town together.

And while we are at it, let’s get the car park too and allow free parking for one hour in the market car park.

If we set this up right, we could receive Lottery funding and increase business and guarantee the future of our market.

Monica Murtagh,