Hope you will understand

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In last week’s letters, Richard Burridge complained of feeling discriminated against as a man after being refused admission to the International Women’s Day event at Tod Town Hall. He draws the conclusion from this that the woman on the door must have a serious chip on her shoulder about men.

If the event had been advertised as open to everyone, I could see his point, but it was widely advertised from the start, both locally and on the internet, as a women-only event.

A women-only event is surely not discriminatory, since it doesn’t prevent other mixed or even men-only events being organised on similar lines. I’m sure that there are things that Richard would find much easier to discuss in an all-male environment, so perhaps he will appreciate that women might feel the same.

There is no reason why there shouldn’t be mixed events for Women’s Day – it is just that this wasn’t one of them. If Richard is keen for a mixed event, maybe he could organise one next year. I’d certainly attend.

Chris Elliott