Hoping Lib Dems here follow lead

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The budget passed by the Scottish Parliament recently might not have attracted much attention south of the border but one part of it is worth comment.

The budget included a Labour amendment calling for funds to be allocated to “fully mitigate the so-called bedroom tax in Scotland...to ensure that no tenant need face eviction as a result of the bedroom tax”.

That amendment was supported by all five Lib Dem MSPs. In doing so they were voting in accordance with the wishes of both Scottish and UK Lib Dem conferences. Also Lib Dem president Tim Farron voted against the government on the issue in November.

Whatever problems there are with housing shortages and overcrowding, the bedroom tax is an irrational measure that does little to solve any such problems. I hope that the stance adopted by Tim Farron and the Scottish Lib Dem MSPs will be repeated in the Lib Dem manifesto and will receive the strong and enthusiastic support of Calderdale Lib Dem councillors and candidates at Council and Parliamentary level.

Hywel Morgan

Lib Dem candidate, Calder ward 2011