How can Co-op threaten staff?

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Reading the article in the Hebden Bridge Times regarding worried Co-op staff at the Hebden Bridge store, I am appalled that the Co-op can make such unreasonable demands on the employees.

At the time of their employment with the Co-op the terms and conditions must have been agreed, such as part time workers having other responsibilities, hence why they do not agree to full time hours.

The Co-op are expecting employees to offer more availability, in other words work more hours.

How can the Co-op demand and threaten staff with termination of employment, when their original agreed hours are changed, making it impossible to fulfill them, and in turn being made unemployed?

It’s no wonder that, as a long time customer of the Co-op in Hebden, I have noticed the demoralisation of staff that are struggling to work with feelings of disappointment in the company.

Rodney Stewart

Hebden Bridge