How will another discount store help?


LIKE many people, I am not convinced we need more supermarkets.

However, given that our blinkered planning committee thinks otherwise, I find it baffling that an organisation calling itself Todmorden Pride are so keen to have a Netto in the town rather than a Sainsbury’s.

I fail to see how another low-end discount store will bring people to the town. Surely the only people likely to use Netto are those already shopping at Lidl?

Does it not make more sens to have a supermarket that is not in direct competition with either of the existing ones in town?

Being more upmarket than the alternatives, Sainsbury’s at least has a chance of attracting new shoppers to Tod, rather than just relocating all of us locals.

It also doesn’t involve demolishing historic buildings or putting in a jam-creating, six-crossing, “all-red” traffic light junction.

Netto’s parent company, Wal-Mart, is known worldwide for its ruthless pursuit of market dominance, so it would not surprise me if their intention is to squeeze Lidl out of the market (replacing one derelict building with another?) before morphing into an Asda so they can then start working on Morrison’s customer base as well.

Instead of working for the Bradford-based retailer, staff may find themselves having to apply for work for the world’s largest corporation, based in America’s deep south, with its ultra-conservative politics, anti-union stance and poor record on workers’ rights.

That’d give Tod something to be proud of, wouldn’t it?

What would Honest John Fielden have said?